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FACS Management Systems
for Small and Medium Service Businesses

Everything you need to build a successful service business
In one software program.

FACS is a comprehensive, fully integrated, modular business tool that helps smaller residential and commercial service companies grow as large as they desire to be.

  • Eliminates incompatible software programs
  • Manage material, labor and overhead
  • Track profitability of separate service departments such as heating/cooling, electrical and plumbing
  • Add departments as your business expands
  • Add modules as your business expands
  • Control inventory
  • Market service contracts and replacement equipment
  • Dispatch service technicians
  • Control costs as sales increase
  • Analyze your business with FACS' extensive built-in management reports
    …And much more


Web-based FACS version
is ideal for small service businesses

FACS' web-based version makes it affordable and easy for small service businesses to access our powerful software suite and enjoy these special benefits:

  • An extremely economical monthly fee –- about half of a typical monthly truck payment –- gives you full access to FACS' web based software suite
  • Eliminates the need to load local software
  • Eliminates the added cost of paying for a software license
  • RDP Technology (Remote Desktop Technology) lets you access the FACS web-based software suite from your desktop.
  • Split-screens let you work in a service module at the top of your screen and simultaneously consult an accounting module at the bottom.
  • Built-in documentation and instructions

Excellent Customer Service.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, our experienced support crew provides on-site and online training sessions as you desire. We are committed to excellent customer service and are always here to answer your questions and solve your problems.



The office manager and bookkeeper for this small Birmingham firm appreciates the user-friendly flexibility of the FACS Dispatch Board feature.  "You can see what you're doing today, this week, this month or next year. You can filter down by technician, geographic area or day.  You can download a map and . . " read more. . .

  1. A fully integrated service management solution specifically designed for residential, commercial or industrial HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other businesses with technicians on the road. FACS Management Systems has everything you need to . . read more . . .