A fully integrated service management solution specifically designed for residential, commercial or industrial HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other businesses with technicians on the road. FACS Management Systems has everything you need to . . read more . . .

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Our Customer Success Stories


Birmingham, Alabama
Size: 4 employees; 1 service van; 1 installation truck;

The office manager and bookkeeper for this small Birmingham firm appreciated the user-friendly flexibility of the FACS Dispatch Board feature.  "You can see what you're doing today, this week, this month or next year. You can filter down by technician, geographic area or day.  You can download a map and schedule calls more efficiently, so you're not sending one tech all over the city.  The whole time you're looking at your dispatch board at the top of your screen, you can also be looking at your accounts receivables at the bottom of the screen…"


Daytona, Florida
Size: 145 employees, 8 dispatchers, 107-vehicle fleet

"FACS was a tremendous factor in our growth over the years," said the Vice President of this large Daytona provider, a FACS customer for over 25 years. Originally a Carrier Air Conditioning dealer, they grew to provide air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and construction services and have a separate division that installs water heaters and ductwork for two public utilities. FACS easily managed the finances of a far more complex business with a large customer base. She explained that "even though we grew into a more complicated business over the years, FACS' modular management software program deftly handled the new challenges. You can use their software without making big changes to the way you do business…" 



"FACS' flexibility easily adapts to our growth"

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Size: 44 employees; 26 service vehicles

Over the years, the president of this Albuquerque company has had many conversations with industry colleagues who use other software programs. "Their biggest complaint was that their software was not flexible enough to grow with their business. On the contrary, FACS has handled everything I've thrown at them so far." He added, "Other companies try to take their system and force it on you, but FACS is still flexible enough to accommodate your suggestions and needs. When you find good support people such as a lawyer, accountant or software program like FACS, they are real assets to your company." 



"FACS helps us grow without hiring extra office staff."

Clinton, Iowa
Size: 50 employees; 30 service vehicles

Before becoming a FACS Management Systems customer, this Iowa contractor needed three administrative staff to handle their $1.5 million business and eight trucks. "Many years later, thanks to FACS, we've grown to $8 million annual sales and 30 vehicles, and  we still have three people in our office handling our much bigger business."  With so many big changes in their business, how were they able to continue using the same FACS software system?  "FACS is extremely versatile, and that versatility lets us departmentalize our different areas of business without any problems…"